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Enter Sprezzatura and find fresh pastas made by hand daily.  Eat in the time honoured way, starting with traditional antipasti, followed by pasta, a meat dish, and a side dish of local vegetables.  Finish with our signature dolci.


Linger with a glass of wine in the lounge, or book out the Spaghetti Disco with a group of friends and family for the full Sprezzatura experience, complete with DJ, dancing, our signature cocktails and more.

Classic Italian pasta and classic disco vibes!

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Big tunes and even bigger flavours


Italo disco originated in Europe in the late 1970s. After Disco Demolition Night in 1979, American interest in disco sharply declined, whereas in Europe the genre maintained a greater degree of mainstream popularity and survived into the 1980s. As the early 1980s proceeded and popular tastes changed, fewer and fewer English-speaking artists were producing new disco records. Italian disc jockeys who played disco therefore had to rely on imports, which proved prohibitively expensive in many cases. In response to these challenges, Italian producers and musicians began to create their own original productions in order to bridge the gap. 

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